Organic Garden Foods Inc.specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of organic, sustainable and food safety compliant gardens, farms and edible landscapes for any site, from residential to full-scale production farms. We have the in-house expertise to advise on any scale using our both own products and services and emergent technologies in any geographical area.

Organic Garden Foods Inc. is certified and controlled by many different organizations in Canada. For a summary of organic certification in Canada.

The organic movement has more recently spread to the urban landscaping field with numerous bodies now certifying landscaping businesses that use organic methods. A growing number of urbanites are deciding that they do not want dangerous chemicals used on their lawns and gardens and that they want to do their part to promote (“in their own backyard”) a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Private Consulting
If we are not in peak harvest of one of our many crops, we can occasionally fit in consultation work if it is scheduled well in advance. We can help with orchard design, business planning, pest management, processing, or other general orchard concerns. We will charge $50.00 per hour to visit your farm or meet for a consultation.